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The Owner

Logan grew up on an organic farm in West Virginia where she learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through raising gardens and livestock.  In 2008 she moved to Morgantown, West Virginia and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at West Virginia University while working as a housekeeper.  After graduation, she decided to combine her love of green living and entrepreneurship to form Green Girl Cleaning.  She and her husband are both working artists in Morgantown where they reside with their two sons, two dogs and two cats. All of the family's efforts and energy is focused solely on Green Girl Cleaning, their only company to date.

The Team

Each employee has been meticulously vetted by Logan to ensure our clients have only the best people working in their homes.  We understand the importance of working with someone that you can trust.  During the hiring process, we filter through hundreds of resumes and select only several candidates for email/phone interviews.  After the first round of interviews is conducted, only a few are chosen to attend in person interviews.  We then select the candidate who most reflects what we are searching for and conduct professional reference checks as well as a national background search.  

Logan personally trains each new employee to Green Girl's high standards.  New employees must undergo a few weeks of training and pass a cleaning test before they are allowed to be scheduled with their first client.  

If you've hired a cleaning service before, you may have experienced a lack of quality over time.  At Green Girl, we conduct quarterly reviews with incentives for excellent work- our cleaning doesn't get stale.  We also offer employees excellent pay and schedule their clients thoughtfully so that our employees are not being over worked.  

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